The Best Xbox 360 Deal: Arcade Bundle + 60GB Live Starter Pack, $250

So, I went to Circuit City yesterday because I couldn't keep myself away from the Black Friday madness (it's fun), and because I wanted to pick up that $199 Xbox 360 Arcade + 20GB refurb hard drive, since it was a good deal without BS add-ons. Apparently, they only had one of those per store, so I missed it. But… »11/29/08 4:00pm11/29/08 4:00pm

FT Says Europeans Getting Xbox 360 Price Cut Tomorrow

The Financial Times Germany has published a story saying Microsoft will be knocking down the Xbox 360 price on Monday (03/10/08). The price cuts are to take place across Europe and will supposedly see the Xbox 360 Arcade dropped from €280 ($432) to €199 ($307), while the Xbox 360 Pro will apparently be slashed to €299… »3/09/08 12:30pm3/09/08 12:30pm