Xbox 360 Racing Wheels Not That Broken, Return Boxes Coming In

The Xbox 360 Racing Wheel Retrofit program that Microsoft instituted back in August is well underway, with people getting letters like the one above that we personally received. » 10/11/07 2:00pm 10/11/07 2:00pm

Microsoft Starts Xbox 360 Racing Wheel Retrofit Program to Prevent Your…

Similar to the way that the power cables on the original Xbox had problems with possibly catching on fire, the Xbox 360 Racing Wheel can possibly cause your wheel to "overheat" and "release smoke." Thanks to a couple instances of this happening, Microsoft is instituting a program where you can get an AC adapter… » 8/23/07 11:40am 8/23/07 11:40am

The Ultimate Xbox 360 Racing Setup

Just bought an Xbox 360 racing wheel after the price drop last week? Well take a look at this setup reader Robert's friend gave himself for his birthday and drool. » 5/26/07 4:20pm 5/26/07 4:20pm