Is Microsoft Working on a Kinect Set Top Box That Doesn't Require an…

The Daily is reporting that Microsoft is currently working on a Kinect-enabled set top box that would work without the Xbox. It would be a new product separate from the Xbox Kinect and offer streaming media content like Apple TV, Roku, etc. with the benefit of using Kinect's stellar voice and motion UI. » 1/13/12 11:12am 1/13/12 11:12am

Kinect For Home Automation Makes a Lot Of Sense

Using Kinect to detect where you are in a room so that your home automation can turn off the lights in the parts where you are not makes a lot of sense. Regular motion cameras can do this now, but Kinect can do this better, since it knows what constitutes a "person" and can adjust accordingly so you're not sitting… » 3/09/11 5:54pm 3/09/11 5:54pm

Kinect Makes For Easy Motion Capture For Animated Series

Xbox Kinect homebrew hacks have been neat so far, but using it as an incredibly cheap way to motion capture for an animated series? That is incredibly amazing to me. If someone eventually, using the Kinect SDK, makes a program so users can easily do this without having any 3D modeling experience, I would totally… » 3/09/11 11:54am 3/09/11 11:54am