Zero-Cost Gadget Upgrades For the Next Great Depression

Hanging out at sites like Giz may have instilled in you an insatiable, pocket-emptying gadget habit. But now we're entering a new era-the old guys on the TV are saying that soon we may not even have pockets, let alone money for them. Don't panic though: You've probably got a wealth of gadgetry sitting underutilized… » 10/07/08 2:30pm 10/07/08 2:30pm

Free Boxee XBMC-Based Media Center Now Installable On Apple TV

Boxee has been turning any PC, Mac or Linux box into a capable, social-networking equipped media center for a while in its extended alpha phase—and now, news is that it will also work on your Apple TV for a free way to go beyond the iTunes lock-in for streaming all DRM-free media. Like aTV before it (which isnot… » 10/01/08 9:30am 10/01/08 9:30am

OSXBMC Called "Plex" (And Looking Hotter Than Ever)

An independent Mac fork of XBMC (formerly Xbox Media Center)-a lauded cross-platform solution for streaming media-has just gotten a neat new name: "Plex." (That's short for "cineplex.") But we know how it is. You use Front Row and think it's great. Before you go back into your Apple shell, check out this Aeon skin for… » 7/07/08 2:59pm 7/07/08 2:59pm