Xbox Music Gets a Huge Design Overhaul Plus New iOS and Android Apps

When it launched last year, Xbox Music was trapped in a Microsoft-only bubble. Starting today, Xbox Music will expand its reach to hundreds of millions of mobile users with Android and iOS apps. And that's just a piece of the update it's getting leading up to the new app for Xbox One. Here's what you can expect from… »9/09/13 12:00am9/09/13 12:00am

Report: Xbox Music Will Leave Its Windows 8 Prison and Hit the Web

According to The Verge, Microsoft's Xbox Music service will launch in the form of a web-based version accessible across platforms next week. That would make sense given that Microsoft's Build developer shebang happens, uh, tomorrow. Maybe more importantly, move makes sense given the big Xbox push the company is set… »6/25/13 12:33pm6/25/13 12:33pm

Xbox Music Hands On: The Perfect Music Service—If You Use Nothing But Microsoft Stuff

We've known that Microsoft has been working on a music service for a while now, and we finally got a chance to check it out first hand. Xbox Music is exactly what you'd want in a streaming service and store. It's complete in a way that Spotify, Amazon, and even iTunes aren't. Microsoft's new music platform is… »10/15/12 12:00am10/15/12 12:00am