Sony LED Bravia KDL-55XBR8 Reviewed: Best LCD TV Ever

In case you haven't gotten enough of amazing TVs you can't possibly afford in this awesome economy today, Cnet has reviewed the 55-inch, plasma-killin' tri-color LED-backlit Bravia XBR8 we saw a couple months ago. Spoiler: Sony's setup didn't lie—it's the best LCD TV ever, falling just short of the best HDTV ever,… »10/18/08 8:30pm10/18/08 8:30pm

Sony Hosts XBR8 LED LCD vs. Plasma Shootout (You'll Never Guess Who Wins)

Sony celebrated the launch of its XBR8 tricolor-LED-backlit LCD TV lineup with a Pioneer-style darkened-room shoot-out. The 55" XBR8 was pitted against an unnamed popular plasma set. What you see above is the LCD on the left, and the plasma on the right. But wait, we thought plasmas always had the upper hand when it… »6/05/08 7:53pm6/05/08 7:53pm

Sony's Big Bravia XBR6, XBR7, XBR8 LCDs (And the XBR8 Has LEDs!)

Sony is having a block party with its top-end Bravia LCD line today—two entirely new series, XBR7 and XBR8, and updates to XBR6. At CES, we asked, "Where are the big Sony TVs?" Here they are. XBR8 brings features from its obscenely ridiculous $33,000 70-inch XBR3 down to more accessible 46 and 55 inch sets—namely… »6/05/08 4:30pm6/05/08 4:30pm