XCM Xbox 360 Casemod Glows Whether Console is Overheating or Not

Irresistible Xbox 360 red ring of death heatsink jokes aside, this glow-in-the-dark replacement shell from XCM is the bee's knees for gamers who like to do it in the dark. Even with the lights on the case is still pretty cool, as it sports a semi-translucent look, allowing onlookers to marvel at the melting… » 5/25/08 2:00pm 5/25/08 2:00pm

XCM Chrome Xbox 360, From Drab to Fab(ricated)

We can't speak for everyone here, but our home theater just isn't looking tacky enough lately. Luckily there's this XCM-branded chrome Xbox 360 case replacement for HDMI-enabled models to help us reach our geek quota. Running about $60, a set of four will only set you back $240—a nominal cost to have the most unique,… » 4/03/08 9:31am 4/03/08 9:31am

E-Setter Easily Switches PS3 Resolution Externally

Switching resolution on the PS3 isn't too complicated, but if you're trying to do it from memory on a TV that's blank because you've got the wrong settings it's nigh impossible. With the XCM E-SETER, you can quickly push one of the labeled buttons and switch quickly and instantly to the desired setting, bypassing all… » 11/08/07 2:40pm 11/08/07 2:40pm

XCM 360 Hot Rock Case Warns Of Impending Doom

If you or someone you love has been affected by the Xbox 360's red rings of death, consider the new 360 Hot Rock case from the modders at XCM. This clear case mod comes with a temperature gauge and multicolor LED that goes from cool blue to flaming red as your console approaches the melting point. No price point yet,… » 7/02/07 9:58pm 7/02/07 9:58pm

XCM VGA Box Makes Your Wii/PS3/PS2/Xbox VGA Compatible

This VGA Box sits between your console and your TV/Monitor in order to convert component video into VGA. This is useful for say, the Wii and PS3 that only have component but not VGA outputs, and will convert 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. It should work on most TVs and monitors supporting VGA input, and will cost you… » 6/15/07 11:50am 6/15/07 11:50am

XCM XFPS Xbox 360 Keyboard/Mouse Adapter In Action

Despite whatever feelings you may have on the "fairness" of using a keyboard and mouse controller when others are using the joysticks, here's a video on how the XCM XFPS » 12/22/06 6:30pm 12/22/06 6:30pm adapter actually works. You can assign different keys on your keyboard and mouse to map to the buttons on the 360's controller (video of that…

XCM XFPS Xbox 360 Keyboard/Mouse Adapter Available Now

If you hate using the Xbox 360's dual joystick controllers to play Gears of War, now's your chance to pick up the XCM XFPS keyboard and mouse adapter for the 360. Not only does it allow you to use a PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse, you can also hook up a PS2 light gun, a PS2 guitar, or a PS2 dancing mat, none of which… » 12/19/06 9:10pm 12/19/06 9:10pm