First Review of Sony's XDR-S3HD Tabletop HD Radio (Verdict: Damn You…

Sony's embracing HD radio, the digital twin of our existing FM band. And when their first, the

cherry-wood XDR-S3HD radio, switches from FM to HD, you can hear the difference in a very positive way through the twin ~3-inch papercone drivers. And the display comes alive with track and artist info. But that knob, oh,… » 8/15/07 5:52pm 8/15/07 5:52pm

Sony's First HD Radio: XDR-S3HD

Sony's getting into the HD Radio game, and its first radio is the XDR-S3HD tabletop. It'll go for $200 in July, will have a remote, alarm clock, sleep timer, and a cable to jack in music from your "digital music player." And in case you missed it, that stunning cherry wood finish. » 5/28/07 11:00pm 5/28/07 11:00pm