Intel Chips 1971 to 2007, Plus a Timeline of the Transistor's 60 Years

As promised, here are stats for 20 different Intel chips from the past 35 years, most of which I included briefly in the Moore's Law video I made earlier, along with bonus factual tidbits I came across while looking over some Intel stuff today. Here you can enjoy it at your own pace (and without the music that some of… » 12/10/07 7:00pm 12/10/07 7:00pm

Dell Launches Quad-Core Precision T5400 and T7400 Workstations

The latest in Dell's line of Penryn-based PCs comes to us in the form of these super-beefy T5400 and T7400 Precision workstations. Both systems can hold up to two of Intel's quad-core Xeon 5200 and 5400 processors and Quadro FX 5600 cards. The base T5400 and T7400 units start out at $1,589 and $1,839 respectively.… » 11/27/07 6:10pm 11/27/07 6:10pm

Intel Shipping Less Power-Hungry Quad Core Xeons

When Intel released its Xeon 5100 processors last summer, they were already faster, cooler and more efficient than their predecessors, and now Intel's doing it again with even more-efficient quad core processors that rolled out yesterday. The company's 5300 series server chips were already 50% more efficient than… » 3/13/07 10:29am 3/13/07 10:29am

OctoMacs On the Way, Mac Pro Faithful Rejoice

The Mac pros are already ecstatic over the Mac Pro, that tower of a Mac with the dual-core Xeons inside, but now they're getting even more worked up over the rumors of a dual quad-core Mac in the works. So that would mean—count 'em—eight cores in all, sending those content creators straight into MacHeaven. What will… » 10/26/06 3:58pm 10/26/06 3:58pm

Server With Eight Hyperthreaded Dual Core Chips Goes 32-ways: Windows…

Last week, a reader sent in a photo of Windows Task manager showing off a multiprocessing machine's sixteen gonads. Not bad, pretty cool. In the spirit of one-up-man-ship, I present this: An IBM System x3950 server with eight CPUs, All hyperthreaded Xeons.
The result? Windows goes schitzo seeing 32 separate… » 9/08/06 11:07am 9/08/06 11:07am

Apple Intros Xeon-Based Mac Pro Workstations at WWDC 2006

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phillip Schiller today introduced the Mac Pro, an upgrade to Apple's highest end personal computers, each now using two Intel Xeon processors with speeds of up to 3GHz. Using the same case as its G5 predecessor, the Mac Pro will… » 8/07/06 4:10pm 8/07/06 4:10pm