Comcast Will Let You Stream Cable To Your Dorm Room Over Wi-Fi

Comcast's newly announced program, Xfinity on Campus, lets college dorm dwellers watch almost 80 channels, as well as access Xfinity On Demand programming. But this isn't some lofty good will gesture—student loans and students' parents will still be footing the bill. » 8/21/14 3:39pm 8/21/14 3:39pm

Comcast Wants To Turn Home Routers Into Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

In the coming weeks, Comcast is rolling out a new feature that turns residential customers' new Xfinity Wi-Fi routers into public hotspots. The rollout starts in Houston on Tuesday, and the company says it'll be in millions of homes across the country by the end of the year. That's a big hotspot! » 6/10/14 2:40pm 6/10/14 2:40pm

Rumor has it Comcast will start selling downloadable and streaming movies via set-top box and the Xfinity TV website. According to Reuters, the service could start by the end of the year. [Reuters via Mediagazer] » 11/14/13 5:56pm 11/14/13 5:56pm

The Sneaky Trick Crappy Movie Studios Use to Rack Up On-Demand Views

Movie studios are betting you're crazy impulsive when it comes to picking what movie you want to watch. Apparently, many movie titles are selected purely on alphabetical prioritization, so that they'll pop up higher on your on demand menu. If your movie isn't good art, you've got to make an art out of the business… » 7/31/13 12:46pm 7/31/13 12:46pm

Every Episode of Every Season of Some Good Shows Are Free on Comcast

If you're a Comcast customer, congrats. Every episode of every season of some shows you've probably been meaning to catch up on are free on Xfinity until the 31st. » 3/26/13 1:37pm 3/26/13 1:37pm

The Xfinity App Lets You Download Shows Now

Want to take a show with you on your streaming app? You need Comcast—the Xfinity app just got a pretty nice update that lets you actually download programs to your iOS or Android device. Now you can binge on Homeland without worrying about your internet connection messing up the stream. [Google Play, App Store] » 12/13/12 10:55am 12/13/12 10:55am

Sony Stalls Its Streaming TV Service Because Cable Controls Data

Sony finally confirmed that it's working on a broadband TV service to compete with the reviled cable companies. Great! Except that the project is on hold over concerns about cable companies, data caps, and net neutrality. That means fewer choices for you and more power to big cable. » 5/01/12 5:43pm 5/01/12 5:43pm

Netflix CEO Lashes Out at Comcast Over Net Neutrality

Last month, Comcast made a controversial decision to exclude their TV-on-demand service for Xbox 360 from data caps. That's sparked many complaints from users of other TV services over the implications for net neutrality—and now the CEO of Netflix is wading in. » 4/16/12 5:01am 4/16/12 5:01am

Comcast Says Its Xbox TV Streaming Doesn't Have to Play by Its Own Rules

Here's what happens without concrete net neutrality policy in place: Comcast's impending video on demand service for Xbox 360 won't count against your monthly data cap. Which is great for your data cap! But an awful, awful precedent. » 3/26/12 4:59pm 3/26/12 4:59pm

Comcast Xtreme 105: Supafast Internet That You Can Actually Get

There are faster internet speeds to be had than offered by Comcast Xfinity's 105Mbps; Verizon FiOS pushes 150Mbps, and Google's about to endow Kansas City with 1Gbs speeds. But neither of those services has the reach—an estimated 40 million households—that Xtreme 105 does. So get ready, several major metropolitan… » 4/14/11 9:58am 4/14/11 9:58am

Xfinity Ups iPad Streaming Catalog by 50%

Good news for Xfinity customers—you've got double the stuff to watch! Assuming you like the 1,500 extra "hours of video entertainment" (new movies and TV shows). Notable additions? Seinfeld, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and True Blood. » 4/07/11 5:20pm 4/07/11 5:20pm

Canceling Your Cable Really Does Feel Like This

Breaking free of the chains that bind you to your ISP? It feels monumental. It feels epic. It feels... well, it feels pretty much like this. [GT Collins via Funny or Die] » 3/09/11 4:28pm 3/09/11 4:28pm

Comcast Will Now Troubleshoot Your Gear, Too

Instead of focusing only on your connection, Comcast's got a new service on deck that offers support for your laptop, gaming console, routers, and other equipment that contributes to your online experience. Xfinity Signature Support can be built into your monthly plan, or you can pay as you go. It's only available in… » 3/09/11 11:11am 3/09/11 11:11am

Comcast's Xfinity TV App Finally Comes to Android

Remember back in November when we looked at the Xfinity TV app for iDevices? Those of you with Comcast cable service should because of how super cool it was. Now, couch potatoes with Android phones are being offered the same chance to ditch their clunky old remotes they were going to lose anyway. Like its Apple… » 3/01/11 3:40pm 3/01/11 3:40pm

Comcast Is About to Give You Round-The-Clock 3D Programming

Starting this Sunday (February 20) at 6p EST, Comcast is launching an all-3D TV channel that runs content 24 hours a day. Unconcerned with a lack of consumer interest in 3DTVs, Comcast wants to make sure you get all the 3D hockey matches and Kings of Leon concerts you can stomach (for the record, I have a weak… » 2/17/11 5:02pm 2/17/11 5:02pm

Comcast Injects 3,000 Hours of Streaming Video Into Xfinity TV iPad App

Comcast subscribers just got an unexpected Groundhog Day present: the cable provider's Xfinity TV iPad app just got a 3,000 hour boost of on-demand shows and movies from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and more. Giddyup. » 2/02/11 5:50pm 2/02/11 5:50pm

Comcast's Xfinity App for Android Lets You Forward Calls From Home and…

Xfinity Mobile, Comcast's first Android app, is live in the Android Market, allowing customers to manage their DVR recordings, check their email, and forward calls from their Xfinity Voice service at home to their smartphones. Xcool. [Market] » 12/07/10 5:20pm 12/07/10 5:20pm

Comcast Is Bullying Netflix Partners Into Paying a Toll to Deliver…

Level 3 Communications, the networking company that delivers streaming video to Netflix users, says that Comcast is demanding a "recurring fee" for the transmission of such videos to its subscribers. This, it goes without saying, is very shitty news. Updated. » 11/29/10 6:45pm 11/29/10 6:45pm

Comcast's Awesome Xfinity TV Remote iPad App Is Available Now

Why am I cursing Time Warner this morning? Aside from the usual reasons, it's because Comcast, my former cable TV company, has released their super cool Xfinity TV remote app for iPads and iPhones. It looks awesome. I want it. » 11/15/10 11:50am 11/15/10 11:50am

Comcast 105Mpbs Service Coming Soon for $200/month?

According to this ad on a Comcast customer bill, a new "Extreme" tier of Comcast's cable internet, err, Xfinity service could roll out within the next week. » 5/27/10 9:59am 5/27/10 9:59am