Vudu XL2: Internet Streaming Goes Rack Mounted

For the guy who wants a Vudu » 11/18/08 12:01am 11/18/08 12:01am system but demands a rack-mountable setup, the Vudu XL2 is here to foot the bill in Armani boots. It's essentially a in a premium aluminum package, storing a terabyte of content while squeezing within one rack unit of space. The catch is that it's priced at $1300. But hey, it costs to be…

Sharp UK's HD1 Flagship LCDs with 1080p, 160GB HDDs

Sharp UK is announcing an interesting flagship model at IFA that might not ever see the US shores, but could point the way for the next gen LCD coming from the company. This HD1 designated LCD has a 160GB HDD presumably for DVR functions and a USB drive for photo viewing. » 8/21/07 5:44pm 8/21/07 5:44pm

Sony Vaio XL2 Media Center Reviewed (Verdict: It's 'aight)

Okay, so this isn't actually a "Media Center," Sony likes to call it a Digital Living System featuring MCE. But that is just fancy talk for a media center. This machine packs quite a punch. It is powered by a Viiv-compatible dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, GeForce 6600GT, wireless keyboard w/… » 5/27/06 7:51pm 5/27/06 7:51pm