PopSci Gets Grubby Paws All Over Upcoming XMp3 Satellite Radio Player

All we have is a blurb in Popular Science magazine this afternoon, but it would appear there's a first look of sorts going down today with the XMp3. The portable device is an XM Radio player that can record up to five satellite stations at once. "Other portable players save only one channel," PopSci notes, "but the… »9/14/08 3:00pm9/14/08 3:00pm

XM-Sirius Merger Nears Approval, Comes Down To One Commissioner's Vote

And here she is. After FCC commissioner Johnathan Adelstein withdrew his support today, the vote is now deadlocked and awaiting the yea or nay from Deborah Taylor Tate, a Republican who is expected to approve the merger so all of this can finally be over and done with (something tells me a large batch of high-end… »7/23/08 3:05pm7/23/08 3:05pm

Why Jensen Rock-N-Road Costs $800: Optional Backup Camera, Other Tricks

On Tuesday, we said that the $800 price tag on the Jensen NVXM1000 Rock-N-Road seemed expensive. It is, but it's down from the $1,000 it was supposed to cost when announced at CES. Also, further investigation suggests it's got more than most portables. Sure, it lacks the Bluetooth so many of the cool GPS navigators… »5/04/07 10:00pm5/04/07 10:00pm

Delphi's Promiscuous Sound System Docks Most of Your XM Receivers

When it comes to showing its love, Delphi's new Premium Sound System doesn't hold back. The promiscuous player has the ability to work with a variety of XM receivers, as opposed to just docking one. So in other words, you can slide in your Roady XT, SkyFi 3, Inno, and so forth. The verdict is still out on sound… »1/30/07 11:35am1/30/07 11:35am