Onkyo Debuts World's First XM, Sirius, HD Radio Tuner

We hit up Onkyo's press event in Jersey City this afternoon where in addition to its new line of uber-receivers and HTiBs, the company also quietly unleashed the world's first three-way radio tuner (it's the one on the bottom). The T-4555P is a radio lover's wet dream come true, with built-in tuners for Sirius Radio,… » 4/24/07 3:25pm 4/24/07 3:25pm

XM's Touchscreen Patent Puts the Buttons on Your Fingers

XM Satellite Radio is taking a different approach to the touch-screen/gadget craze. They have a patent on a gadget whose functions are mapped out to your fingers instead of its screen. Wanna switch stations, use your middle finger. Wanna access the menu, use your index finger. The technology would rely on your… » 3/26/07 3:20pm 3/26/07 3:20pm

Delphi's Promiscuous Sound System Docks Most of Your XM Receivers

When it comes to showing its love, Delphi's new Premium Sound System doesn't hold back. The promiscuous player has the ability to work with a variety of XM receivers, as opposed to just docking one. So in other words, you can slide in your Roady XT, SkyFi 3, Inno, and so forth. The verdict is still out on sound… » 1/30/07 11:35am 1/30/07 11:35am

United Pampers Geeks with iPod Connector and XM Radio

I admit, I don't like flying, but book me on United's new "First Suite" service and I'll literally be on cloud 9. In addition to your own 15.4-inch LCD, the service has seats that come with their own iPod connector so geeks like me can keep their player juiced on those long inter-continental flights. Once you get… » 12/18/06 7:35pm 12/18/06 7:35pm

Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Spotted, Has Removable Storage

Sharp eyes have spotted Delphi's upcoming SkyFi3 portable XM Satellite Radio. By far, its biggest attention getter is the fact that it has a microSD card slot, letting users store up to 500 songs and 10 hours of XM programming. There's also a 30-minute replay feature, so in case you want to hear a song that aired 25… » 9/15/06 9:28am 9/15/06 9:28am