CEO: Fully Merged Sirius XM Devices To Hit Shelves In Q1 2009

When Sirius and XM finished their merger dance »8/08/08 11:00pm8/08/08 11:00pm it was said that they would be able to offer interoperable radios—that is units that work with the full lineups of both XM and Sirus—within a year of the merger. Then they told the FCC they'd have devices within nine months. Now Mel Karmazin, CEO of the , has said that we…
An analyst at Cowen & Company is pegging the chances of the XM/Sirius merger netting government

An analyst at Cowen & Company is pegging the chances of the XM/Sirius merger netting government approval at "70 percent plus," with a saucy number cruncher at Citigroup putting the odds at 69 percent. Regardless, it's a sexier picture for pro-merger folks than it was several months ago. [Orbitcast] »10/17/07 4:07pm10/17/07 4:07pm

Wall Street, Analysts Beginning to Bet on XM/Sirius Merger

The long-lobbied-for XM/Sirius merger is starting to pick up some optimistic vibes from Wall Street and analysts, who are beginning to think it might just happen. In fact, one analyst group, Cowen & Co., not only says that the odds are the "best ever," they're wagering on FCC approval before Dec. 4, possibly as early… »9/12/07 12:45pm9/12/07 12:45pm

NAB's XM/Sirius Satellite Radio Merger Poo-Pooing Debunked

According to a new study by Arbitron and Edison Media Research, the National Association of Broadcasters' fears of a merged satellite radio company unfairly competing with terrestrial broadcasters are mostly unfounded, since digital radio listeners actually listen to more traditional radio than everyone else. The NY… »4/23/07 9:30am4/23/07 9:30am

NAB President: XM-Sirius Merger "Not About the Consumer"

Today, Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin hit Capitol Hill again to tell a Senate committee that the proposed merger would bring "more choice, lower prices" to consumers since it's trying to compete with a larger ecosystem that includes traditional radio and MP3 players. Yet at NAB '07 yesterday, NAB President David Rehr told… »4/17/07 9:40pm4/17/07 9:40pm

Totally Unbiased National Association of Broadcasters Ad Slams SiriusXM

The National Association of Broadcasters is such a great consumer organization. They're totally looking out for consumers by warning us about this impending Sirius/XM satellite radio monopoly. I mean, it's not like the National Association of Broadcasters has any interest at all in the upcoming merger, so what reason… »3/07/07 6:30pm3/07/07 6:30pm

Mr. Karmazin Goes to Washington: Siriusly You Guys, Let Us Merge! We'll Do Anything

Mel Karmazin, Sirius's head honcho, wants that merger baaaad. He took to Capitol Hill this week to try to give the merger-to-be a running start toward clearing the significant regulatory hurdles (and doubts) it's likely to face in the coming months. Talking to the antitrust taskforce on the House Judiciary Committee,… »3/01/07 9:00am3/01/07 9:00am