Microsoft Xbox 360 XNA Game Studio 2.0 Available, Adds Multiplayer Support

Microsoft XNA Game Studio, the user-creation tool that allows you to make Xbox Live Arcade-quality games for the Xbox 360, has just been upgraded to 2.0. The most interesting improvements in the new version are the multiplayer networking APIs, which means you can actually create games like Jason Chen's Big Boob Robots… »8/13/07 5:30pm8/13/07 5:30pm

Microsoft XNA Home Game Developer Kit Available For Download

The XNA Game Studio Express, a developer pack that will allow you to make home-brew games for the Xbox 360 and the PC, is available for Beta download. Unfortunately this version only supports Windows XP SP2 and not Xbox 360 or Windows Vista. But, it's a good start to get your feet wet with game development, gearing up… »8/30/06 7:45pm8/30/06 7:45pm