V12 Design Delivering Dual Touchscreen Laptop Within Two Years

It looks as though an Italian company named V12 Design might beat the OLPC's XO-2 laptop to the dual touchscreen punch with their dual LCD laptop called the Canova. According to Laptopmag, V12 developed its design four years ago and is currently working on a second generation version with a US manufacturer. The plan… »7/09/08 3:43pm7/09/08 3:43pm

OLPC Founder Negroponte Wanted to Make Multitouch XO-2 Laptop 20 Years Ago

Long before the XO Laptop climbed over $100 and OLPC's name was sullied by infighting (and then redeemed by its dual multi-touchscreen XO2 concept) OLPC founder Nick Negroponte was preaching the gospel of ten-finger multi-touch over the "mouse on Macintosh," which sounds profoundly clunky compared to his… »6/02/08 5:40pm6/02/08 5:40pm

OLPC XO-2 Will Love You Back With Haptic Feedback and Multitouch

OLPC's upcoming wonder laptop, the XO-2, will have multi-touch and haptic feedback, according to a Mary Lou Jepsen of Pixel Qi, who designed the original's innovative indoor/outdoor display, and is charged with making the XO-2's dual touchscreens happen. Additionally, the touchscreen capabilities will be integrated… »5/27/08 5:32pm5/27/08 5:32pm