Start Your WiMax Engines With Laptops From Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba

Sprint's Xohm WiMax network got extra super official »10/08/08 3:45pm10/08/08 3:45pm today with a party and all, so laptop makers are tossing out confetti in the form of WiMax-enabled notebooks. Here's what you've got to pick from. Acer dropped a pair of in 14- and 16-inch sizes, while are a bit mo' better for a bit mo' money. Oh, there's more.…

Sprint WiMax Slowing Down Corporations with "Narrow" Certification Pipeline

Sprint's enticing Xohm WiMax network is slowly making its way »10/08/08 12:45pm10/08/08 12:45pm across the country, but Lenovo has complained of a major problem with it gaining popularity. According to GigaOM, Lenovo expected to dominate the market with a variety of WiMax products since they had put a lot of time and effort into testing equipment. But…

Xohm's WiMax Coverage Quietly Live and Working in Six More Cities

We saw Sprint/Clearwire/ whoever »10/06/08 11:15am10/06/08 11:15am's tested in B-more . And now, news from a Xohm employee in Baltimore is that the service is also live and working (albeit in an "unsupported" test capacity) in Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and northern Virginia. So anyone with WiMax-enabled hardware in those…

Sprint and Clearwire Promise WiMax Will Be Totally Open, Can Replace Your ISP

In its filing to the FCC oh-so-politely asking for the okay to merge Sprint's and Clearwire's spectrum assets into the WiMax monolith New Clearwire (helpfully poked through by Ars), they make a lot of groovy promises to stoke the FCC's approval stamp into action. Like it'll be totally open: "New Clearwire will permit… »6/12/08 8:40pm6/12/08 8:40pm

WiMax Just Might Make It: Sprint's WiMax and Clearwire Officially Merge

The massive WiMax joint venture expected to be announced today is official, though the rumored details were a bit off. Sprint's WiMax division is merging with Clearwire to form a single WiMax company called...Clearwire. (But Sprint will own most of it.) Happily, the clusterfuckiness factor is lower than we figured.… »5/07/08 1:41pm5/07/08 1:41pm

WiMax Joint Venture: Sprint, Clearwire, Comcast and Time Warner With $$$ from Google and Intel, Maybe Announced Tomorrow

Sprint and Clearwire are apparently set to do the almost unthinkable: Get WiMax off the ground. Fortune is reporting that Sprint and Clearwire are expected to announce as early as tomorrow the formation of a massive WiMax joint venture with Time Warner and Comcast. Intel and Google are rumored to be throwing money at… »5/06/08 7:43pm5/06/08 7:43pm

Sprint Exec: WiMax Launch in April, You "Won't Be Ecstatic" About the Price

Sprint's CTO says its WiMax service Xohm is a go for an April launch with around 10 devices available. Good news for Sprint! Bad news for you: "People will be excited about our rates. They won't be ecstatic about them because we're not going to give it away." Translation: It's more than you wanna pay. [Reuters] »1/09/08 10:40am1/09/08 10:40am