XOS Exoskeleton Goes to Mark II With More Superpowers

The XOS powered exoskeleton amazed by turning 200 pounds into 20 for the sack of jelly and sticks wearing it. The XOS 2 is stronger, uses half as much power and it's lighter—light enough to play soccer in: » 9/27/10 9:05am 9/27/10 9:05am

New Raytheon XOS Exoskeleton Video Shows How Easy Iron Man's Exercise…

The Sarcos-Raytheon joint effort Exoskeleton has been around for a while, but the companies are trotting it out in honor of the Iron Man movie. This XOS seems really agile and powerful at the same time, but those hooks-for-hands really might be dangerous if you forget you have them on. But as you can see when their… » 5/02/08 3:30pm 5/02/08 3:30pm

New Pictures of XOS Exoskeleton Send Sci-Fi Shivers Down Our Spines

Here are new pictures and diagrams of the awesome Sarcos-Raytheon's XOS Exoskeleton, the full-body motion-assisting suit for "super soldier." For the time being it may look as fat and ugly as Iron Monger, but remember Iron Man's clunky beginnings. This may get to the point of being like the hot rod red and gold armor » 4/11/08 12:40pm 4/11/08 12:40pm