The Manufacturers Are Finally Standardizing 3D Glasses...Together

Big news from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony: they're teaming-up to put a stop to this silly trend of being forced into buying expensive 3D glasses that only work with one manufacturer's 3DTV, and will use Xpand's glasses from next year. » 8/08/11 10:39am 8/08/11 10:39am

XpanD's Universal 3D Glasses On Sale June For Not Much More Than The…

Each manufacturer I've spoken to has said that only their glasses will work with their 3D TVs, which certainly throws a spanner in the works when you look at the $150 price. XpanD reckons theirs can work with any TV. » 3/17/10 4:34am 3/17/10 4:34am