XM's XpressRC Features Color Screen, Preset Channels, Instant Replay

In spite of having hardware partners, XM still develops its products in-house, which explains why every XM product has the same basic look and feel. The XpressRC, technically from Delphi, marries the color screen you've seen on the Samsung Helix/Pioneer Inno product with the XpressR-style split screen for browsing… »8/13/07 2:08am8/13/07 2:08am


Never-Before-Seen Shot of Audiovox XpressR XM Portable With Hot Split-Screen Action

Apparently, everyone has been so caught up debating the XM-Sirius merger that they stopped paying attention to new hardware these guys are still working on. Audiovox decided to sneak out a product announcement in the middle of March for the XpressR XMCK20 portable receiver, the first, says the release, with a… »4/13/07 7:40pm4/13/07 7:40pm