Dell XPS 12 Review: Beautiful Screen, Flimsy Frame

Among all the Windows 8 convertibles coming out, the Dell XPS is unique. Because it's insane. It's a full-on, regular laptop, with a trapeze artist screen that flips on an axis to convert into a slate. Is that something you'd actually want? » 11/05/12 2:45pm 11/05/12 2:45pm

Dell's XPS 10 Tablet Is What a Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Is Supposed to Look…

There are a lot of hybrid tablets coming out this fall. But while the ones we've seen seem to be splitting the difference, Dell seems to be focusing on the best parts of either laptop or tablet. Its XPS 10 is the tablet end of that bargain. » 8/30/12 5:00am 8/30/12 5:00am

Dell's XPS Duo 12 Might Have the Best "Laptop" of Any Laptop/Tablet…

Over the next few weeks, you're going to hear a lot of noise from manufacturers about how one hybrid product or another gives you all of the benefits of a laptop and a tablet, with no compromises on design. The Dell XPS Duo 12 is one of the few that actually seems to back that up. » 8/30/12 5:00am 8/30/12 5:00am

First Dell Adamo XPS Profile Photos: OK, That's Like Disgustingly Thin

So that's what the Dell Adamo XPS, a 9.99 mm thin laptop, looks like from the side. Evokes the words "hypodermic," "stab" and "scissors," doesn't it? » 10/12/09 6:01pm 10/12/09 6:01pm

Dell XPS One 24 Updates Graphics Card, Enlarges Screen, Fights AIDS

Dell has come out with an update to its XPS One computer system, making it generally bigger and more powerful than the previous iteration. The XPS One 24 now comes with a 24-inch 1080p display, JBL speakers and subwoofer, an Intel Core 2 quad core processor, and an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics card. A Vista Home… » 10/30/08 12:00am 10/30/08 12:00am

Dell Offering 128GB SSD Upgrade on Laptops for $450

Dell's offering up a 128GB SSD for their XPS M1330 and M1530 laptops and even with the dwindling prices of SSDs, $450 doesn't sound like a half-bad deal. [Dell via Engadget] » 8/12/08 8:33pm 8/12/08 8:33pm

Dell Issues BIOS Update to Keep Nvidia GeForce Cards From Frying

Even after Nvidia downplayed their original report that GeForce 8400-8700 cards were failing in large numbers due to overheating, Dell has issued a BIOS update for all of its machines running the affected GPUs anyway. The update tweaks the fan settings to "regulate temperature fluctuations" to keep the… » 7/28/08 1:29pm 7/28/08 1:29pm

Dell Studio Laptops Look Like a Cross Between XPS and Inspiron

Looks like those thin mid-range Dell laptops that look like the lovechild of the XPS and Inspiron lines is a new mid-range line called Studio, says Engadget. They also say the Studio line will have desktops, and may eventually supplant the high-end XPS. It's still all rumors and conjecture for now, but who's geeked… » 6/03/08 3:51pm 6/03/08 3:51pm

Dell's XPS 730 H2C Tower Can Run Crysis at Full Specs Starting at a…

Dell just announced its new high-end XPS 730 H2C gaming desktop, and get this - they claim it can run Crysis at 1920 x 1200 resolution at 30fps. Now that is a figure more impressive than any stats about the guts of the tower, right? OK, OK, those are interesting too. » 5/01/08 10:27am 5/01/08 10:27am

Dell Ditching Proprietary Parts

One of the best arguments for building your own PCs is that you make the decisions regarding parts, which means you don't have to scrap the whole system or buy sub-standard hardware from the manufacturer when it is time to upgrade. This is especially true for gaming rigs. Dell, one of the biggest offenders when it… » 2/26/08 6:15pm 2/26/08 6:15pm

Dell's "Affordable" XPS 630 Gaming System Starts at $1249, But Will…

Dell wanted to bring its gaming platform down from the $2000 and up arena, and into something average gamers can go and buy, so it's rolling out the previously teased XPS 630. » 2/26/08 9:46am 2/26/08 9:46am

Hype Sheet: Dell's Do-Goodism and the Axe Effect

The Pitch A Super Bowl debut we somehow overlooked, this Dell spot features a cast of thousands swarming around one lucky laptop owner. With an XPS M1530 tucked beneath his arm, our handsome protagonist goes roaming around the streets of a European metropolis, Mick Jagger's "Charmed Life" pumping on the soundtrack.… » 2/14/08 12:40pm 2/14/08 12:40pm

Dell Gutsily Adds Ubuntu 7.10 Linux to XPS 1330

Okay, so while Dell's had Linux on a meager smattering of systems for a while, it wasn't on anything A-team or available globally. Sweet news, freetards (in FSJ's words): Ubuntu 7.10 is now available in several Euro countries on the XPS 1330, Dell's compact, almost un-Dell-like performance notebook. Stateside, we've… » 1/24/08 11:01am 1/24/08 11:01am

Macbook Air and The Usual Suspects

We already gave you a spec-wise comparison of the Macbook Air and its prominent competitors, but The Usual Suspects—the Lenovo X300 (recently leaked), Sony TZ and Dell XPS m1330—are all back for a photo shoot. Jump for the fantastic line-up of the laptop bad boys bearing it all. » 1/20/08 1:03am 1/20/08 1:03am

Is MacBook Air Worth the Money? Five Slim Laptops Face Off

Click to viewUpdated with battery life stats, by popular demand. We can all agree that the MacBook Air is a slick-looking little laptop. It's so thin! You can't argue with that! But if you're in the market for a small, high-performance laptop, is it the best option? I pored over specs for four similarly positioned and… » 1/16/08 1:00pm 1/16/08 1:00pm

Dell's XPS 630i Compact Entry Level Gaming Rig

Dell's scheduled to show off an XPS 630i desktop gaming platform. It's aimed at the entry level, with power not too far off the high end 720 series models. The chassis should be smaller, too. [Yahoo] » 1/06/08 7:46pm 1/06/08 7:46pm

Dell XPS One, Gateway One and Apple iMac Get Friendly

The All-In-One is in full effect this year, with some very hot models: the Gateway One, the Dell XPS One and Apple's new iMac. While it's nice to pick favorites and all, the fact is, each of these are better than most computers out there, and each has particular design traits that stand out. I've given awards in… » 12/20/07 9:00pm 12/20/07 9:00pm

Intel Reveals New Mobile SSD, UMPC Concepts, the Skulltrail Gaming…

At Intel's Pre-CES briefing today, execs discussed a new super-small solid state drive, WiMax-capable devices, and 45nm Penryn chips in everything from UMPCs to television sets to slender desktop all-in-ones from your favorite computer makers. Here's the rundown: » 12/14/07 3:52pm 12/14/07 3:52pm

Touch a Dell, Meet a Celebrity (Not Other Way Around) at Dell Holiday…

Right this minute, the milfy Brooke Burke is signing autographs and posing for pics at Dell's New York City holiday store (Times Square Studios, 44th & Broadway). Actually, she wraps at 4 p.m., so you probably won't make it. Tomorrow, Vivica Fox will be manning the store from 12:30 to 4 p.m., while Ice T will be on… » 12/06/07 3:38pm 12/06/07 3:38pm