Dell XPS One 24 Updates Graphics Card, Enlarges Screen, Fights AIDS

Dell has come out with an update to its XPS One computer system, making it generally bigger and more powerful than the previous iteration. The XPS One 24 now comes with a 24-inch 1080p display, JBL speakers and subwoofer, an Intel Core 2 quad core processor, and an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics card. A Vista Home… »10/30/08 12:00am10/30/08 12:00am


Dell and Microsoft See (Product) Red for Valentine's Day

If I've learned two things in life, it's that it's noble to jump on some bandwagons, and some things just look sexy in red. That's why I was pretty happy to see that Microsoft and Dell were joining the (Product) Red charity for global AIDS relief, and that for every one of the sweet new red XPS One's that are sold,… »1/23/08 9:11am1/23/08 9:11am

Miracles: Mossberg Says Dell XPS One Is Better Machine than an iMac

Click to viewToday, December 27 at 1:01AM EDT, The Supreme Pope of Tech Walter Mossberg has declared the Dell XPS One a better machine than the iMac. And yes, that sound you thought you dreamt was Steve Jobs screaming and Hell freezing over. The Dell XPS One comes "sightly ahead" of the iMac because of its design and… »12/27/07 8:44am12/27/07 8:44am

Touch a Dell, Meet a Celebrity (Not Other Way Around) at Dell Holiday Store in NYC

Right this minute, the milfy Brooke Burke is signing autographs and posing for pics at Dell's New York City holiday store (Times Square Studios, 44th & Broadway). Actually, she wraps at 4 p.m., so you probably won't make it. Tomorrow, Vivica Fox will be manning the store from 12:30 to 4 p.m., while Ice T will be on… »12/06/07 3:38pm12/06/07 3:38pm

Hype Sheet: The Iceman Insists That You're Getting a Dell

The Pitch As part of its sprawling "Star Power" holiday campaign, Dell enlists MMA legend Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell for a tongue-in-cheek shill session. Diction isn't Liddell's forte, alas, so it's a bit tough to understand his entire spiel—especially his use of a money vs. happiness line chart toward the… »12/06/07 12:15pm12/06/07 12:15pm

Dell XPS One A2010 Leaked by the FCC, Reveals Optional TV Tuner and AV Input

Give a little wave to the XPS One A2010 from Dell, which got its first outing on the FCC website. The FCC also posted Dell's system manual on their site, which reveals that the A2010 contains an optional TV tuner. What else do we know? It's a fairly good-looking Asustek-manufactured desktop with Intel Core 2 Duo,… »10/24/07 4:43am10/24/07 4:43am