Sony Shows Bravia TVs with 1,000,000:1 Contrast, Due in October

As well as crazy thinness, Sony's other upcoming TV releases include crazy contrast: one million to one. The XR1 series of Bravia's will be 1920 x 1080 pixel full-HD models, featuring tri-color RGB LED backlighting for an improved color gamut, and dynamic switching backlighting tech to generate that enormous contrast… » 8/28/08 4:24am 8/28/08 4:24am

General Dynamics GoBook XR-1 Rugged Notebook

This notebook can sure as hell withstand rough handling, but too bad it wouldn't be able to withstand fire, especially from the inside. The GoBook XR-1 will be available later this month. It is powered by a Intel Core Duo processor and includes all of the wireless features (Wi-Fi, WWAN, Bluetooth, GPS) that would make… » 9/08/06 1:44pm 9/08/06 1:44pm

General Dynamics Itronix XR-1: Notebook for Guerillas and Gorillas

If you're really rough on your laptop, you might consider a General Dynamics Itronix XR-1 Rugged Notebook, the smallest and lightest the company has made yet. If you're not familiar with General Dynamics, its a supplier of lots of weapons and high-tech devices to the military, many of which can't even be whispered… » 8/14/06 1:18pm 8/14/06 1:18pm