iHome iH52 vs. XtremeMac Tango vs. Eton Sound 100 iPod

Round two of our iPod Dock Bracket continues as three docks battle it out for our eternal love and loyalty...until the next round. It's heavyweights iHome iH52 and XtremeMac Tango duking it out in the same ring as the welterweight Eton Sound 100 iPod. Who will win? Why would you even read the teaser anymore? Just hit… »7/20/07 11:30am7/20/07 11:30am

XtremeMac Luna Clock Radio: Packed with Customizable Features

The XtremeMac Luna clock radio lets you plug in your iPod via its dock connector, and then gradually fades down its music or your favorite radio station as you drift off to sleep, fading back up the next morning to wake you up. We're liking its ergonomic multifunction knobs that are easy to control in the dark,… »11/24/06 8:23am11/24/06 8:23am

TuffWrap Case For iPod Nano Tuffly Protects Against Bumps, Bruises

Lots of you apparently hate the iPod, but others still buy the damn thing like it's going to lead them to El Dorado or something. So if you and the 2G iPod nano are gonna do the tango for a while, it's best to use protection, like XtremeMac's TuffWrap cases. Besides automatically making you more of a man (or less,… »10/23/06 5:17pm10/23/06 5:17pm