Mashup Master Pogo Shows How You Can Make Songs Out of Movie Clips

Nick Berke, also known as Pogo, creates some really amazing mashups from movie clips. His most recent film-turned-song comes from Pulp Fiction. And now he's posted a how-to. » 6/21/12 10:40am 6/21/12 10:40am

Street Furniture Designs Are Art You Can Sit On

This is 'Muscle,' the latest outdoor seating design from French artist Alexandre Moronnoz. Along with Moronnoz's earlier works, Muscle makes a strong argument for moving to a world where form matches function in even our most everyday settings. » 12/10/09 4:40pm 12/10/09 4:40pm

Nintendo Patent Hints at Wii Portable

With the success of the Wii being primarily due to its motion sensing controls, it would seem pretty logical for Nintendo to try it out on their portable line up as well. And it looks like they might do just that with the discovery of an updated patent filing by the big N themselves that states » 8/06/07 6:48pm 8/06/07 6:48pm