Fantasy Open-Air Seats Airplane Will Never Fly, Unfortunately

For some reason, Spanish designer Jaime Hayon decided to put the weirdest elements he could find in this airplane concept, made of white gold and fiberglass tiles for a ceramics company called Bisazza: the nose looks like a F-18 Hornet, then it has an Y-Wing cockpit, wings with propeller wings and love missiles, a… » 4/08/08 8:30pm 4/08/08 8:30pm

Y-Wing Beats X-Wing, Gold Squadron Finally Kicks Ass

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The X-Wing fighter at Plaster Blaster 6 this weekend got all the glory. But the model rocket with the biggest heart/size ratio goes to the underdog of a space bomber based on the Y-Wing fighter. Ion cannons? Check. More torpedoes than the X-Wing? Check. Fewer parts to tear off on liftoff? Check...not… » 10/09/07 6:30pm 10/09/07 6:30pm