Someone Finally Realized That Super Expensive Yachts Need Garages

There are plenty of super yacht concepts that I'll never touch, much less own—such as ones with three level designs or impossible masts—but I'm still happy that a design finally includes a built-in garage. And a super car. » 5/29/10 12:00pm 5/29/10 12:00pm

Anti-Paparazzi Laser Shield-Equipped Yacht No Match For Video Camera

It must be superyachting season, with Russian billionaires fighting for column inches about their most expensive/lavish/largest/laser-equipped yachts. Roman Abramovich's $1.2billion 557-foot Eclipse has appeared on film, as it sets sail from Germany this week. » 4/21/10 7:17am 4/21/10 7:17am

Plastiki, The Ship Made From 12,000 Plastic Bottles, Set Sail Saturday

After four years of development, the Plastiki finally set sail on Saturday from San Francisco, where it will travel 11,000 miles to Sydney. Its website has useful tracking stats for all nautical nutters, well worth checking out. [Plastiki] » 3/22/10 4:50am 3/22/10 4:50am

I Bet This Yacht Can Also Jump Into Hyperspace

I have seen really amazing ship designs, like the impressive kind-of-Nautlish Ghost ramming yacht, the weird transforming Ikkar, the luxurious perfect dream-aparment-that-is-really-a-boat, and the classic schooner America. The Enso, however, is the first that looks from another planet: » 1/01/10 5:50pm 1/01/10 5:50pm

007-Gadget-Filled Superyacht For Sale, One Insane Owner: Saddam

For a cheap-at-half-the-price sum of just $30million you could be the owner of the Basra Breeze—a 270-foot superyacht that Bond himself, or perhaps, more fittingly, a Bond-style supervillain would be proud of. Why? Because as well as your standard superyacht golden faucets, the Breeze has a helicopter landing deck, and … » 11/04/08 5:33am 11/04/08 5:33am