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Yahoo Is Finally Encrypting the Bulk of Its Data

We were thrilled to hear today that Yahoo is carrying through a concerted effort to protect users across its sites and services by rolling out routine encryption in several parts of its infrastructure. The company's statement announced that, among other things, it now encrypts traffic between its data centers, makes… » 4/03/14 4:27am 4/03/14 4:27am

Yahoo Confirms Hackers Swiped Yahoo Mail Users' Passwords

Yahoo certainly had some fun kicking Gmail while it was down last week—a particularly bold move considering its own recent share of missteps. But in a bit of an uncomfortable karmic twist (at least from Yahoo's point of view), the company has taken to Tumblr to acknowledge a recent mass of security attacks with the… » 1/30/14 5:50pm 1/30/14 5:50pm

If You Used Yahoo This Week, You Might Have Malware (Updated)

Security researchers at Fox IT say they've detected a malicious exploit kit among Yahoo's ad network active since December 30th. The malware seems to have hit Romania, Great Britain, and France the hardest, but wherever you are, if you've browsed a Yahoo site this week, you may want to run a scan or two. » 1/04/14 8:41pm 1/04/14 8:41pm

Yahoo's Having a Domain Yard Sale: Who Wants Sandwich.com?

Have you been frustrated to consistently find that the highly specific domain of your dreams is never available? If so, there's a good chance that Yahoo has been sitting on it for quite some time. And it's about to be your lucky day—Yahoo is getting ready to sell you 29 of their lifeless, dated domains with even more… » 11/13/13 3:49pm 11/13/13 3:49pm