Yahoo! Music Store Will Compensate Customers For DRM-ed Music

Yes, Yahoo! Music Store's shutting down their DRM servers, but Big Purple's said that it'll definitely still be taking care of its customers. According to a Yahoo spokesperson, anyone who bought DRM music from the store "will be compensated for whatever they paid." No word on timetables or what form the compensation… »7/26/08 6:30pm7/26/08 6:30pm


Yahoo Music Shutting Down DRM Servers To Finish Transition to Rhapsody

In a continuation of Yahoo Music's move to send their customers over to Rhapsody »7/25/08 1:00pm7/25/08 1:00pm, YM's shutting down their DRM servers as of September 30. Unlike when MSN's Music servers , it's very unlikely that Yahoo's will do the same, seeing as there's a process to convert your existing Yahoo Music tunes over to Rhapsody. You'll…