Music Flow Music-As-Water Concept Stretches My Brain

Do you think of your MP3 player as the well from whence music springs forth like so much cool, pure H2O? Neither do I, but that didn't stop some brainy (that is, totally insaney) designers from coming up with a painfully elaborate music-player concept based on just such an analogy. Over at Yanko Design you can see the… »11/21/08 7:30pm11/21/08 7:30pm

IC3 Intelligent Cutlery System Silently Judges You During Meals

Diets are tough, what with the eating and drinking of beer, and that being really, really, enjoyable and all. The IC3 Intelligent Cutlery System wants to help. How? Well, designer Alex Schulz says that as you chomp away at dinner, the IC3 does the traditional job as a fork, knife or spoon, and then goes the extra mile… »10/26/08 1:00pm10/26/08 1:00pm

Rind Disposable Earplugs Are the Perfect Wallet-Sized Ear Protection

Next time you're headed to a rave and want some additional protection when things start to heat up, consider throwing a pair of these Rind disposable earplugs alongside that other well-known wallet-based protection. And because these plugs lie flat like a credit card when not in use, there will be no embarrassing… »7/20/08 2:00pm7/20/08 2:00pm

The Line System Creates All Your Furniture With A Single Line

The Line is a funky furniture system that uses a single unbroken line of metal to create an entire home furniture set-including a lamp, a work table, a hanger, a bookshelf, a wine rack, a CD rack and a TV unit. Made by Aykut Erol, the system is supposed to "extend infinitely with a single line regenerating itself."… »6/22/08 5:30pm6/22/08 5:30pm

Power Conscience Concept Keeps Tabs on Your Electricity Consumption

Designed by a bloke called Delroy Dennisur, the Power Conscience is a cute little gizmo that you plug in to keep an eye on how much electricity you are getting through. It's a slim white box decorated with LEDs in a floral design that light up depending on your consumption. More flowers means more power used. See a… »11/29/07 7:01am11/29/07 7:01am

Flo Backpack Makes you Very Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrapin

A bag for all seasons, this Flo backpack is modular and can change with your moods—which, if they're anything like mine, rage from Breeze of Sweet Pea to Tsunami of Bitchqueen Stompiness. You can adapt the Flo to any size—from a pack worthy of a long hiking weekend to an afternoon trip to the city. Here's how it works: »8/24/07 12:50pm8/24/07 12:50pm