Forget Coolers and Store Your Beer In this Underground Elevator

Beer coolers are a pain in the ass. First of all, you have to find a bunch of ice. Then, you have to pour all the ice into the cooler. And that's just the pregame for a wet night full of melting ice. Thank God some zany Danes found a better way. » 5/27/14 5:40pm 5/27/14 5:40pm

Husqvarna Panthera Leo Concept Mower is Electric-Powered and…

Growing up, I hated mowing the lawn. My backyard was huge, my allergies were bad and I was stuck with a temperamental push mower. If I had this battery-powered Husqvarna mower, however, I would have begged to do yard work. » 6/10/09 3:00am 6/10/09 3:00am