Retro Space Arcade Cabinet Mixes Retro, Futurism with Banana Color Scheme

The classic arcade cabinet of yesterdecade gets a snazzy makeover in the Retro Space machine from designer Martijn Koch. It's a tribute in part to "honor the design of the first ever arcade cabinet" which was Computer Space, from 1971. So it's got arcade-quality controls for two people, including the ever-important… »8/18/08 8:01am8/18/08 8:01am

StreamMyGame Lets You Play PC Games on Your PS3, Reduces Need to Ever Leave Your Couch

We almost did not believe it, but those guys at StreamMyGame have included a video in which they are playing Crysis on their PS3, all streamed from their PC. There is no visible lag, and the resolution is user definable. In short; it looks crisp. Check out the tutorial above, but skip through to the money shot at… »1/15/08 4:15am1/15/08 4:15am

Unannounced Yellow Zune Color Found in Software

The "Citron" Zune, which looks like citrus yellow, has been found by deep diving into the Zune software released today. Since Microsoft hasn't actually announced the color yet, we're thinking this is either an unreleased surprise for some promotional event—they've done many special editions for promotions before—or an… »11/13/07 12:40pm11/13/07 12:40pm