Adidas' New Star Wars Sneaks Will Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again

There always seems to be a steady stream of Star Wars merchandise hitting stores, but with a new film on the horizon in 2015, the Disney marketing machine is quickly ramping up to overdrive. Even Adidas wants in on the action with its upcoming Star Wars Originals collection that includes these wonderful Vader kicks.… » 12/26/14 3:25pm 12/26/14 3:25pm

Every second in Star Wars IV arranged by how bright it is

You're looking at every single second in Star Wars IV: A New Hope arranged according to their luminosity by Jason Salavon. It reminds me of a really cool book that I got a couple weeks ago—Star Wars: Frames. We are giving a copy of the book away, plus an original sketch by Star Wars' artistic director Iain McCaig. » 12/12/13 2:19pm 12/12/13 2:19pm

The Most Embarrassing Star Wars Official Merchandise This Side of Hoth

The special edition versions of the Star Wars films and the recent prequels left many fanboys wondering if George Lucas maybe wasn't the visionary filmmaker they had all worshipped and adored. But one aspect of Lucas's vision that has never come into question is his ability to market the hell out of a franchise. » 4/30/12 1:00pm 4/30/12 1:00pm

Leaked Clone Wars Trailer is the New Force Hotness

Feast your eyes—squinting a bit—on the leaked two-minute trailer that was briefly seen in YouTube and then pulled off just to be rescued at the last minute by a Polish Corvette, saved into an astromech droid, launched onto a desert planet, and found by us in a garage sale somewhere in Kraków. Or something like that.… » 4/13/08 2:40pm 4/13/08 2:40pm

Yoda, Palpatine Statues Fight It Out in Realistic Miniature

Can't seem to get enough Star Wars? Now here's a 15-inch altar at which you can worship, with ARTFX Kotobukiya statues of Yoda and Palpatine fighting and shooting sparks out their fingers at each other, and it'll only cost you $174.99. It's relatively big, with Palpatine standing 11 inches tall, but whatever that… » 9/25/07 3:15pm 9/25/07 3:15pm

Star Wars Characters Now Hassle You From the Dashboard of Your Car

In addition to all those saints and Jesuses you have on your dashboard protecting you from god-knows-what, now you can add Yoda, Darth Vader and C-3PO, blurting out an assortment of thirty Star Wars sayings with every bump and jostle. Take the jump for a video showing these characters nagging the driver, along with a… » 8/01/07 11:45am 8/01/07 11:45am

Star Wars Super-Deformed Plushies Are Far, Far Away From Realism

Comic Images just released a new line of Star Wars plush dolls, but with really big and ugly noggins. Standing proud at 7 inches, the considerably sized plushies are a cheap $12.99, and so far Yoda and Vader are ready to ship—perfect for those of you who want to unwrap them right away and get down to some… » 6/19/07 2:00pm 6/19/07 2:00pm