Walking Three Miles in Blacked Out New York City Is Pretty Scary

Lower Manhattan in New York City is still mostly without power which means when night hits, it's complete darkness. No street lights, no building lights, no lights at all. Joe Sabia wanted to see what it was like so he took a camera and walked three miles. » 11/01/12 11:25pm 11/01/12 11:25pm

One World Trade Center Becomes the Tallest Building In New York Today

After six years of construction, One World Trade Center will surpass the 1250-foot Empire State Building as the tallest in New York this afternoon. When construction is finished, the final height of the building will be 1368 feet, with the antenna spire pushing the edifice to the patriotic height of 1776 feet. [NY… » 4/30/12 9:14am 4/30/12 9:14am

Every New York Time Lapse Fused Into One

This is beautiful, like an animated Monet painting of New York City. Our very own Matt Toder had this simple but amazing idea: to take every single cool NYC time lapse and layer them together into one single video. » 12/13/11 6:00am 12/13/11 6:00am

Why Would Someone Spend $3,000 On 100 Phone Numbers?

Phone numbers are intangible, frivolous things. No one in their right mind would collect them, right? Wrong. Meet Dennis Mykytyn, the man who purchased 100 coveted phone numbers with 212 area codes for $30 a pop in 2007. Yes, this guy spent $3,000 on phone numbers. » 8/12/11 11:00pm 8/12/11 11:00pm

This Harry Potter Crop Circle Maze Definitely Wasn't Created By Aliens

Neither aliens nor goblins had a hand in creating this "maize maze" near York, England—the farmer "Top Pearsy" (that's a name, yes) owned up and said he merely wanted to mark the ending of the Harry Potter moviethon. » 7/13/11 4:20am 7/13/11 4:20am

NYT and OpinionLabs Slap Apple Patent Troll Lodsys with Lawsuits

When Lodsys started targeting iOS developers, it probably wasn't looking for the kinds of fights it's been running into. A few days after Apple came to the aid of its devs, word comes that the New York Times and OpinionLabs are counter-troll-suing as well. » 6/14/11 3:12pm 6/14/11 3:12pm

Nature's Slow Path to Destruction

Imagine buying your dream house and gradually losing it to a slow-moving landslide. For Jim and Charity Marlatt of Keene, NY, this is a living nightmare they face every day. » 6/13/11 11:30pm 6/13/11 11:30pm

The NYT's Paywall Is a Success Even Though We're Not Using It?

We all thought the New York Times' paywall was a bit harebrained when we first heard about it. But a surprising (and profitable) side effect of it has been an uptick in print subscriptions since it went into effect. It makes sense if you think about it, since you're no longer paying for something you can get for free… » 6/08/11 3:46pm 6/08/11 3:46pm

This Is the New York No One Ever Sees

Armed with gloves, a backpack, and a healthy appreciation for the deadliness of the third rail, urban historian Steven Duncan and videographer Andrew Wonder explore the Undercity. This is the hidden New York. And it's beautiful. » 1/03/11 9:00am 1/03/11 9:00am

Prepare for the Era of Area Code Snobbery

Unbeknownst to this New Yorker, if you live in the Big Apple and don't have a 212 area code, you're a certified nobody. Says one privileged 212-haver: "I don't pick up 917, 646, and definitely not 347." Ughhhh. » 8/18/10 10:00pm 8/18/10 10:00pm

New York Judge Who Jailed Everyone in Court for a Ringing Cellphone Is…

A New York judge who jailed all 46 people in his courtroom after someone's mobile phone went off has lost his job. The chairman of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct has recommended that Judge Robert Restaino be removed from the bench, three years after the incident, which was described as "two hours of… » 11/28/07 10:23am 11/28/07 10:23am

Lucky and Flo Bring their Pirate-Huntin, Crime-Bustin' Noses to NYC

Remember Lucky and Flo, the two chemical-sniffing Labradors awarded medals by the Malaysian authorities for helping in the fight against DVD piracy? Well, they're now back in the US doing the same to US pirates. Find out whose round objects they've been sniffing now. » 8/30/07 11:00am 8/30/07 11:00am

Man in Line for iPhone Does it for African Kids' Charity

Nope, these olive-green Converse standing outside an Apple store in NYC don't belong to John Dvorak. They belong to a guy called Johnny Vulkan who has flown over from London and is currently in pole position to grab the first iPhone from the Soho branch on Friday. And it's all for a good cause... » 6/26/07 3:30pm 6/26/07 3:30pm

Tattoos for Your Laptop: Safer Than Letting Your Mac Drink Jack and…

A Williamsburg tattooist, Scott Campbell, has come up with half a dozen designs that you can have lasered onto your laptop for $200. If you up the price by $100 he'll etch your own design onto your machine, just like he did above, for Brooklyn-based artist Kaws. If these take off, perhaps Apple will change their ad… » 3/20/07 10:59am 3/20/07 10:59am