How to Get Your Sex Tape Off the Internet

The movie Sex Tape hinges on its lead couple finding it impossible to remove their raunchy homemade porno from the apparently unfathomable depths of iCloud. Their predicament is appealingly modern, if not all that realistic (as GQ proved). It got me thinking, though: How hard is it to remove a sexually explicit video… » 7/22/14 4:04pm 7/22/14 4:04pm

Porn Studios Form Their Own MPAA To Sue File Sharers

It's not that the major porn studios were alright with you torrenting porn vids online, it's that they didn't yet organize themselves to form an entity to do something about it. No longer. Think of the new organization PAK as the MPAA of the porn world, planning to target websites that host or track torrents of porn.… » 8/04/08 2:30pm 8/04/08 2:30pm