5 Inspiring Science Projects Designed by Teens

The amazing thing about the Google Science Fair isn't so much the ambitious projects that spring from it, but who creates them: teenagers worldwide between 13 and 18 years. Google has announced the 15 global finalists for this year's competition. They're all spectacular, but here are five that stood out. » 8/08/14 10:29am 8/08/14 10:29am

Science Finds Fountain of Youth Brain Region That Slows Down Aging

Eternal or even elongated life is an idiotic thing to wish for. You don't want to get old, and then tack on 50 more years of wrinkles and Metamucil. But prolonged youth? Full body youth? More time being young and nubile and beautiful? Absolutely. And the key to that could lie right inside your brain. » 5/02/13 11:36am 5/02/13 11:36am

Scientists Clear Path to the Fountain of Eternal Youth

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered an efficient and totally safe method to turn adult blood cells "all the way back to the way [they were] when that person was a 6-day-old embryo." The discovery could be the key to cure the incurable—from heart attacks to severed spinal cord to cancer—and open the door, some… » 8/23/12 2:00pm 8/23/12 2:00pm

Four Out of Five of Toddlers Use the Internet

Apparently 80% of children age five and under are active internet users, according to a recent study. So that's where all those illiterate YouTube comments come from! Snark aside, there's nothing inherently wrong with kids that young being online, so long as what they're watching is heavily supervised. And given the… » 3/14/11 5:40pm 3/14/11 5:40pm

Nearly Half of All 12-Year Olds Use Facebook Illicitly

According to Facebook's rules and regulations, the site is strictly PG-13. And yet! According to a recent study, 46% of 12-year olds have profiles of their very own. There's not much harm in that, really, although you do hate to see anyone exposed to Farmville at such an early age. More just notable (though… » 3/08/11 3:53pm 3/08/11 3:53pm

Why This Man Could Spend 20 Years In Jail For a YouTube Video

This is Evan Emory. This past Monday, he posted a video on YouTube that showed (through some simple editing) him singing a sexually explicit song to a classroom full of elementary school students. He didn't actually sing anything offensive in front of the kids. But he's still facing 20 years in prison, on a felony… » 2/18/11 5:00pm 2/18/11 5:00pm