Ears-On Yamaha's Flagship YSP-4000 Surround Sound Bar (Verdict: Ultra-Discrete Sound Beams)

I've had the pleasure of testing out the fourth-generation Yamaha surround sound bar, the YSP-4000. You know, the box that sits under a TV and projects 5 discrete beams of audio using Cold War directional sonar steering from submarines. This generation has had its trapezoid- shaped array turned into a more of a… »9/10/07 4:52pm9/10/07 4:52pm

Yamaha's YSP-4000 Flagship Surround Bar Does Upscaling, HDMI, XM/iPods

Today, Yamaha introduced a new flagship in its YSP "sound projector" faux-surround bars. The YSP-4000 is a follow-up to the YSP-1100, with a similar setup: 40 individual "beam" drivers that have individual amps, and two midbass speakers. The YSP-4000's main upgrade seems to be HDMI pass-throughs, and analog/720p/1080i… »8/13/07 3:32pm8/13/07 3:32pm