Cough Captured on Film Using Supersonic Photography Technique

Using a technique more commonly used to image the supersonic shock cones forming around test aircraft in wind tunnels, a group of scientists say they've captured the dynamics of a cough on film for the first time. And looks absolutely as disgusting as you may imagine.Schlieren photography involves shining… »10/28/08 11:15am10/28/08 11:15am


NASA Collecting 8 Gallons of Employees' Urine Daily For Space Toilet Research

NASA workers at the Johnson Space Center in Houston received what may be the high point in inter-office email last week requesting they begin to pay regular visits to the good folks of Hamilton Sundstrand, aka the "Wee Wee Contractors." They're collecting urine in massive quantities-eight gallons per day-as part of… »7/16/08 11:00am7/16/08 11:00am