All the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors in a Single Infographic

If you love Ben and Jerry's ice cream, but can never remember what the heck is in Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch or Spectacular Speculoos, go print out a copy of this infographic and tape it to your fridge right now. » 3/28/15 12:00pm Saturday 12:00pm

This Mexican beauty is the perfect burger brunch to cure a hangover

A toasted English muffin stuffed with seasoned grass fed beef and pork sausage patty, whipped avocado cream, crispy chile ancho rubbed carnitas, purple cabbage slaw and smoky grilled pineapple butter. Get two sunny side up eggs on the side and some fries and you'll have the perfect brunch. » 7/29/14 1:36am 7/29/14 1:36am

Finally, Bacon You Can Cuddle

Parents of the world, you search for the perfect plush toy ends now. Because My First Bacon is the only lovable, huggable, talking pork byproduct your precious little cherub will ever need. » 11/10/10 4:00pm 11/10/10 4:00pm

How To Make Ice Cream At Home (Without an Ice Cream Machine)

Everyone loves ice cream. But hardly anyone makes it—anyone without a fancy ice cream machine, that is. SeriousEats set out to make real-deal homemade ice cream without special gear and found an unlikely solution: the ice cube tray. » 9/22/10 12:04pm 9/22/10 12:04pm

Yes, a Meat Vending Machine Exists

When I'm buying a nice cut of meat, I like to talk to my butcher and feel like I'm in touch with the source of my food. Either that or I just slip a fiver into a vending machine. » 6/09/10 9:20pm 6/09/10 9:20pm

Egg Toaster Concept Kills Four Birds With One Stone

If you really like eating eggs, but you really like making toast, the BangBang is the device you've always dreamed of: a toaster-style, four-egg steamer, suitable for streamlining your morning routine or rigging your neighborhood egg toss. Delicious efficiency. [Yanko] » 5/10/10 8:40pm 5/10/10 8:40pm

Sonim XP3 Review: Boiled Alive

You might not know it, but you've heard about the XP3: It's that phone that's always getting drenched, elephant-smooshed or shot, and surviving. Well, I finally got one, and the timing couldn't be better. XP3, I'm going to eat you. » 8/27/09 8:00pm 8/27/09 8:00pm