Four New Logitech Speaker Sets Feature 360-Degree Sound

Logitech's really pushing this "omnidirectional acoustics" stuff with their new speaker sets—they've got both front- and rear-facing drivers in each satellite, and the subwoofers (when included) push the sound downwards rather than out. » 7/14/09 7:40pm 7/14/09 7:40pm

Panasonic ToughBook CF-U1: Pricing and Specs of the Rugged Little Intel…

Panasonic may have "announced" the ToughBook CF-U1 back in March, but it's only now getting around talking speeds, feeds and wallet drain. Even though it uses Intel's "low cost" 1.33GHz Atom Z520 processor, the little ruggedized UMPC will arrive in August (or later, if the rumored Atom delay is true) at a starting… » 6/25/08 11:40am 6/25/08 11:40am