Here's What Saving $1.3 Billion On a New Stadium Looks Like

Yesterday we learned that London-based architect Zaha Hadid had rethought her design for Tokyo's Olympic Stadium, after widespread protests and a major budget cut put the original design in jeopardy. Dezeen has the new images of the redesigned stadium, and it's... pretty damn similar, despite a $1.3 billion budget cut. »7/10/14 10:40am

Architect Zaha Hadid Says 500 Worker Deaths Are Not Her Problem

Qatar's overtly yonic soccer stadium, a global architectural symbol of the forthcoming 2022 World Cup, has seen its share of the nation's staggering number of construction deaths: more than 500 Indian migrant workers have died in Qatar since January 2012. This week, the stadium's architect—Zaha Hadid—said, well, it's… »2/26/14 6:40pm

Zaha Hadid's First Storefront Puts a Living Legend Up Close

Even if you don’t get down with her brand of extreme formalism, it’s hard to deny that Zaha Hadid is a living legend. Hadid is one of the only female architects to have ever won the Pritzker Prize (well, unless you count those who were mysteriously excluded by the Pritzker jury) and the force behind some of the more… »5/29/13 6:12pm

A Cruise Ship In The Desert? Zaha’s Next Project

Zaha Hadid Architects' proposal for a new intermodal transit station for the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh, at first glance looks something like a cruise ship with a sharp prow cutting through the desert. This was part of the inspiration, as the sine waves that roll across the façade and organize the interior are… »5/17/13 11:39am