An iPhone App For Spontaneous Singing

Ask iPhone owners about their favorite music app and most will say Shazam or Pandora. Both are great, but there are so many clones they've lose some of their zing. That's why we were excited to discover Vocal Zap. » 5/25/11 8:53pm 5/25/11 8:53pm

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

Nikola Tesla, the granddaddy of electricity, was born on this day way back in 1856. If only he were alive to see what kind of goofy crap we were doing with his namesake coils! » 7/10/09 2:30pm 7/10/09 2:30pm

British Boy Embarks On "Electric Shock Free-For-All" With Bulgarian…

If that headline didn't grab your attention, I don't know what will. A British 13-year-old smuggled a stun gun he bought on vacation into school, and proceeded to go a little zap-crazy. » 3/14/09 8:00pm 3/14/09 8:00pm

Scientist Tries to Create a Phaser to Shoot Lightning Balls

Apparently, sometimes lightning comes in ball form, slowly falling out of the sky and exploding on contact. Unsurprisingly, people want to turn lightning balls into weapons. Oh, humanity. » 2/20/09 6:45pm 2/20/09 6:45pm

The Best Way To Cook Hot Dogs: by Tesla Coil

The most exiting way to cook hot dogs: connect a chain of 12 of them up and send bolts of multi-thousand-volt electricity through them. Awesome, and all thanks to the Nevada Lightning Lab and their 10-foot Tesla coil at Maker Faire '08. And amazingly, the coil they used is just a prototype for a 122-foot version… » 5/06/08 5:59am 5/06/08 5:59am

Cordless Drill Modded to Become a Tesla Coil

I like me some tesla coils, so it's no wonder that I'm a fan of a power drill modded into a tesla coil. Sure, it's not playing the Mario Bros theme or playing out a scene from Red Alert, but it's still cool in my book. Who cares that a perfectly good drill was made that much less useful? It's cool. [ TechEBlog via … » 12/13/07 6:10pm 12/13/07 6:10pm

Awesome Red Alert Tesla Coil Makes Quick Work of Allied Soldiers

Command and Conquer: Red Alert was the first PC strategy game that I really got into, and it's still one of my all-time favorites. That's why I can't help but fall in love with this homemade Tesla coil setup made as an homage to the classic game. The picture above isn't Photoshopped at all; it's a single, 17-second… » 11/05/07 10:03am 11/05/07 10:03am

Cheapness Sends Student to the Grave via Computer Electrocution

From the Embarrassing Obituaries Dept.: a 20-year-old student in Shanghai was killed when his computer electrocuted him. Apparently, it was very hot outside, yet Wu refused to turn the AC on. His computer was overheating, so rather than go with the AC, he took the case off to let it breath. His sweaty legs hit some… » 8/16/07 11:15am 8/16/07 11:15am