Lego Zapper Mod: Everything You Love About Guns, Gaming and Legos

It doesn't look like it would be all that comfortable to wield, but we are talking about a Lego zapper mod here —so who really cares. It may not be as comfortable as commercial zappers, but the thing to keep in mind is that it works. And by the looks of things it probably won't be all that difficult to pull off… »12/03/07 8:20pm12/03/07 8:20pm

Parents Think Wii Zapper Might As Well Come With an NRA Application, your source for "everything Jersey" asked people what they thought of the "gun-like" Wii Zapper in their weekly Question of the, um, Week segment. The responses poured in and they were extremely negative. The catch, though, is that the site had originally posted a picture of a gun other than the Wii Zapper,… »9/14/07 5:40am9/14/07 5:40am