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Zeemote's Bluetooth mobile phone controller for Blackberry is up for grabs today, and should provide a much better gaming experience than fiddling around with a trackball. Iomega has a new line of full-featured NAS units out, too. » 8/27/09 6:00pm 8/27/09 6:00pm

Zeemote JS1 Nunchuk Gaming Controller Bundles With Sony Ericsson W760

The Zeemote analog joystick controller for Bluetooth phones is now starting to see the light of day, at least for lucky Dutch W760 buyers, who will get it free as a promo package. This isn't the Wii-like motion-control version the company has been promising, and still no word on U.S. pricing or availability, but it… » 8/04/08 10:30am 8/04/08 10:30am

Zeemote Wireless Wii-Like Nunchuk Controller Makes Mobile Gaming Less…

The major reason I hate cellphone games is the super-shitty controls. A pad designed for stubby thumbs to punch out series of digits is not an optimal gaming control surface, especially when it comes to 3D movement. The Zeemote is a Bluetooth analog joystick—that looks a lot like a Wii nunchuk, and they've even got an… » 1/02/08 4:20pm 1/02/08 4:20pm