The Most Popular Google Searches of 2013: Lots of Death and Grossness

There's maybe no more raw glimpse at humanity's exposed underbelly than Google's annual Zeitgeist, a report that shows what we searched for in a given 12 months. This year, our thoughts ran disturbingly towards death and destruction. » 12/17/13 8:37am 12/17/13 8:37am

The 10 Most Searched Things of 2012 Show How Screwed Up Humanity Is

Google, the number one search engine on the planet, has published its comprehensive list of what was on people's minds during 2012. The company's 2012 Zeitgeist—"the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time"—is as accurate a reflection of humanity's… » 12/12/12 9:12am 12/12/12 9:12am

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2009

Dear 2009, thank you for all the stories, the good and the bad ones. Here are the top 10 most popular articles. Now we have to say good bye forever, because 2010 and the new decade are here. So long! » 12/31/09 5:00pm 12/31/09 5:00pm

Gizmodo's Most Popular Hits of 2008

What a year, roller coaster from beginning to end, and tons of amazing stories. In case you missed any, here they are: The most popular stories for 2008, plus the monthly top 10s. » 1/01/09 7:30am 1/01/09 7:30am

Palin Wins 2008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist

Sure, President-elect Obama and vice-buddy Biden may have won the election, but Alaskan governor and animal rights activist Sarah Palin won the worldwide Google battle! In the US, however, things were different. » 12/10/08 12:59pm 12/10/08 12:59pm

Gizmodo's Most Popular Hits of 2007

Click to viewHere are Gizmodo's Greatest Hits 2007, the most popular stories, the best of the best in a single bubblelicious list full of gadgets, juicy industry happenings, in-deep reviews, shocking tech news, weird war planes, Star Wars, boobs and sex. With dogs. Sometimes, all combined into one. What are the most… » 12/31/07 7:30pm 12/31/07 7:30pm