Quick-Read Creative Zen Stone Review and Gallery (Verdict: Worth At…

When the $39.99 Zen Stone was first unearthed, there was some discussion as to whether it was larger or smaller than a $79 iPod shuffle. As you'll be able to see in the gallery after the jump, it's noticeably larger than the shuffle, and that's without the $9.99 add-on clip. However, you should also be able to tell… » 5/14/07 7:00am 5/14/07 7:00am

First Creative Zen Stone Video Review

Still curious about Creative's new Zen Stone player? The folks at GenerationMP3 put the tiny player behind the camera for a thorough unboxing/review. It looks a little chunky when they compare it to the nano (although its real competition is the shuffle, which it also beats in size). Still, $39 for a 1GB player… » 5/10/07 12:32pm 5/10/07 12:32pm

Creative Introduces Teeny Tiny Zen Stone

Over the weekend, we teased you with a rumor that had been floating around, that Creative would introduce a tiny, flash-based audio player for under $50. Well, it happened, and it's actually under $40. (I mean "under" in the TV-announcer sense of the word.) » 5/03/07 7:00am 5/03/07 7:00am

If you store music in folders (by artist or genre), you…