Scientists Pulled Hydrogen From Water Using an AAA Battery

Zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cells seem like a great idea. At least they do until you realize that isolating the hydrogen that powers them creates a crapload of greenhouse gasses. Now, a Stanford grad student thinks he's found the answer—and it involves a AAA battery. » 8/22/14 11:22am 8/22/14 11:22am

NAU's Slick-Looking Take On the Future of the RV

Zero-emissions. Smooth lines right out of Tron: Legacy. Scenic, rendered vistas. Yup, sounds like a design firm's taken a crack at the future of camping. Let's have a peek. » 6/26/11 4:00pm 6/26/11 4:00pm

Here's Yamaha's New Zero-Emission Electric Scooter

Yamaha just introduced the EC-03, their new Zero-Emission Electric Scooter that's primed to save the world. Well, at least Asia. The EC-03 is cheaper than most its competitors and apparently highly desirable in Asia's crazy-for-scooters market. » 7/15/10 12:40am 7/15/10 12:40am

Nissan's LEAF Gets Its Tailpipe Chopped Off in the Name of Zero CO2…

The LEAF may be compensating for the lack of a tailpipe with 30 minute "quick charges" and the ability to go for miles and miles on a single charge (100 miles to be exact), but hey, it's eco-friendly. » 8/03/09 5:00pm 8/03/09 5:00pm

Would a Sub $10,000 Zero-Emissions Car Be The Greatest Consumer Gadget…

Speaking at the Wired Business Conference in NYC, Shai Agassi, the founder of green transportation company Better Place, made a bold statement about near-future electric cars: » 6/15/09 1:24pm 6/15/09 1:24pm

Giz Test Drive: Student-Built Challenge X Fuel-Cell Car in NYC

GM lugged 17 environmentally friendly cars to New York—fittingly, to Tavern on the Green. The rain-soaked occasion was a display of Challenge X contenders, nearly identical 2005 Chevy Equinoxes modded by teams from schools across the US and Canada to be environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and/or low in emissions.… » 5/16/08 12:50pm 5/16/08 12:50pm