Samsung Working With Developers To Optimize Solid State Drive Performance In Operating Systems

Samsung is working with software developers to increase the performance of Solid State Drives for computers using the Sun's ZFS file system, which the next version of OSX Server, aka Snow Leopard, can take advantage of. The way traditional HDDs handle data transfers is different than how SSDs do, and it's Samsung's… »8/09/08 2:30am8/09/08 2:30am

Snow Leopard Putting OS X On a Diet, Applications to Shrink Dramatically

There might be more to Snow Leopard than meets the eye, as rumors have emerged outlining tremendous cuts in application size for 10.6. Mail.app will drop from 287MB to 91MB, iChat from 111MB to 52MB, and iCal from 89MB to 48MB. Cuts are practically universal, with already small apps like the 13MB Calculator, 15MB… »6/23/08 3:27pm6/23/08 3:27pm