120 Dell Engineers Aiming Guns at Apple and Recruiting World to Help

A few weeks ago we ran a rumor »8/15/08 3:40pm8/15/08 3:40pm that Dell was working on a new PMP-no biggie, really. Are people really trying to top the iPod at this point? But has uncovered more of the story from "multiple sources." Apparently Dell's maneuvering isn't about hardware at all (or that much, at least). It's about their iTunes-like…

Dell to Release New MP3 Player with Zing Tech, Media Store, Says Rumor

Remember Dell's DJ Ditty MP3 player? Probably not, since Dell shut its PMP shop a while back. But over at the Wall St Journal, there's a rumor that Dell is planning on re-entering the PMP market with a new device that's been under development and testing. The device, name unknown, has a screen and simple navigation… »7/30/08 4:23am7/30/08 4:23am

"iPhone 3G" FCC Application Hints at Potential Apple "Smartphone"

Washington D.C. (Agencies) - Confidential FCC documents unearthed today by internet blog Intomobile point out at the possibility of Apple releasing a new secret device which some experts think could be a "smartphone." The new gadget—which was submitted for FCC approval in June 1, 2008—apparently has a big "touch"… »6/10/08 7:10am6/10/08 7:10am

Zing Lunch Launchers: The Latest in Food Fight Technology

Man, I love the guys at Worldwide Fred—but parents and janitors probably feel differently thanks to this ZING! spring-loaded spoon launcher. The way I see it, if you are going to go into battle, you had better have the right equipment. Loading up a round of vegetables in this thing will surely give you an edge over… »1/25/08 7:00pm1/25/08 7:00pm

Zing Player Gets Renamed, Gets a Home: SanDisk Sansa Connect

We gave you a hands-on with the Zing player back in September, and Zing was still looking for a home for its device. The home has been found. Introducing the SanDisk Sansa Connect. It is the same as the Zing player we have talked about, but it has a new name. It will be available in late march for $250. »1/08/07 3:37pm1/08/07 3:37pm

Exclusive Zing WiFi Music Player Photos, Smaller than Stiletto

DEMO is a bust for hardware geeks, but we did catch a live Zing music player—you know that one that uses WiFi to download internet radio and Sirius. The nice lady showing it off told me that they weren't announcing anything right now, but gave us a little tour of the player, as well as a chance to see how it stacks up… »9/26/06 6:19pm9/26/06 6:19pm