This Scary Zipline Roller Coaster Looks Like a Dizzying Way to Die

The first zipline roller coaster in the United States debuted at Florida EcoSafaris in St. Cloud, Florida and turns ziplining into a curvy course of thrill seeking fun. Instead of ordinary straight line ziplining, which is plenty scary already, the zipline roller coaster throws sharp turns and big drops. Fun! »4/06/12 5:40pm4/06/12 5:40pm

Google's New Zip Line Yet Another Reason to Hate Your Office

They built a new building at Google's Mountain View campus, but it happened to be separated from the building with the cafeteria in it by a ravine. While the logical solution would be to build a bridge, not at Google. No, they built a zip line. The insurance this company has must be great »10/28/08 3:15pm10/28/08 3:15pm. Unfortunately, the city of…

Happy Landing Zipline Rescues You (And Child) From Exploding Buildings

The picture is funny, but the invention is actually legitimately neat. The Alongo Happy Landing Escaper is a wire system that mounts to an emergency exit or beefy window frame, deploys mechanically (without a need for electricity) and allows riders up to 400 pounds to slowly descend from a high rise building safely… »9/25/08 2:00pm9/25/08 2:00pm

1200-Feet High Zip Line the School Bus for Colombian Kids

There's a South African zip line that claims to be the highest one in the world. But how about this one that takes Colombian kids from their hillside village to school? Well, faced with one minute of eyeball-spinning terror 1200 feet above the jungle, or a two-and-a-half hour hike, which one would you take? [Spluch]
»8/29/07 6:16am8/29/07 6:16am